Emergency Preparedness


The FEBs primary role during emergencies is to provide sound and timely information to the federal community regarding federal operations, weather conditions and safety highlights. This service is provided on a 24-7 basis.

The DFW Federal Executive Board provides an opportunity for Federal, State & Local emergency  management professionals in North Central Texas to network, discuss issues and presentations on matters important to the group. The FEB coordinates activities that enhance lasting partnerships and proactive interagency/intergovernmental Emergency Preparedness initiatives through advocacy, communication, and collaboration. The DFW FEB develops and/or maintains active relationships with Federal, state and local emergency managers, public safety and law enforcement officials to enhance preparedness education, exchange ideas and develop coordinated approaches to regional issues. 


  • Hosted Inclement Weather Meeting with National Weather Service and the Federal Emergency Management Agency. Each year the DFW FEB Executive Policy Board and representatives from the National Weather Service and FEMA meet to discuss the upcoming inclement weather season and discuss the emergency notification system language, to ascertain if it need revision or updating. Also discuss protocol for calling a meeting when inclement weather is expected in the DFW FEB Geographic Area.

  • Virtually met with officials from the Dallas County Department of Public Health, U.S. Department of Health & Human Service and FEMA to inform Federal Partners and the Federal community about supporting the COVID-19 Vaccination efforts and informing Federal agency Continuity Planners that an ALPHA Point of Dispensing (POD) would close January 2022 and Federal agencies would no longer have access to medications needed if a chemical or biological attack happened in the area. We also discussed following up with the Federal Community on the location of the new ALPHA POD when informed of the new location.

  • DFW Emergency Preparedness Committee held a Virtual Panel Discussion with all Federal Agencies and Stakeholders on Return to Work Post Pandemic and assessed how many agencies were at 100% return to building. Agency heads were able to share best practices and inform on the employee population inside building and the status of their respective agencies.

  • Met with Federal Stakeholders and the Federal Protective Service regarding the DOBBS decision. Due to the original Dobbs (Roe vs. Wade) decision being litigated and passed in Dallas, Texas, and based on intelligence from the Federal Protective Service of protests the DFW FEB Executive Policy Board made a recommendation for agencies to consider early release in anticipation of the Civil unrest. Civil unrest occurred after the Supreme Court DOBBS decision publicized.

  • Member of the DFW Federal Field Safety & Health Council Meeting with the Transportation Security Administration, and actively participate in the Facility Security Committee for three Federal Buildings in Dallas and Ft. Worth, Texas.

  • DFW FEB Tabletop Exercise of 2021 – Closed Point of Dispensing. Conducted a Tabletop Continuity Exercise on a Biological/Chemical attack. 20 Federal Agencies participated.
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